Deseo Events was born from the idea of bringing mindfulness to what I do. Deseo Events goal is to help non-profit organizations reach their  fundraising goals through smart and stylish event concepts. I believe an event fundraiser or gala can be creative, smart and beautiful while also creating an impact and elevate your brand name or organization.

My experience includes event planning in different aspects of the industry and have been planning events since 2003. For more information about me, please visit the "About" page. 


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What I Do

I offer event planning services for those organizations or individuals that do not have time or prefer to focus on the in-house goals rather than managing all the logistics and components that come with planning an event. 

As your planner, I will create a theme and concept, manage all vendors and venue, and coordinate the day of the event for a smooth planning process.

As part of my services, I offer unlimited meetings, fundraising and marketing consulting as well as access to industry experts. Visit the Services for a list of services. 

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How I work

Focusing on a common goal, I strive to build a relationship with you in order to create a successful event. One of my objectives during the planning process it to maximize the budget of the event, I believe that a little can go a long way.  During the planning process, I always try to think as a guest. I strive to create a one of a kind event experience that will engage your guests. While entertaining is important, It is also vital to motivate and inspire them about about the company's or organizations' goals.   

Every event is different, contact me today to see if I'm a good match for your organization.  I also offer special rates to non- profit organizations.